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As a long time fan of daytime cookery shows and comedy in general, the concept of George Egg’s show intrigued me from the get go. Banished from the kitchen by his wife, Egg has fled to the shed where he concocts culinary masterpieces using DIY tools and a fair amount of ingenuity. The coincidence of this show, supposedly set in Egg’s shed, being staged in a venue called ‘The Shed’ was not lost on Egg or the audience, leading to a few witty remarks off the cuff. George Egg: DIY Chef proves to be a hilarious and thoroughly entertaining experience all around. A perfect blend of stand-up, anecdotal comedy and highly experimental cookery, George Egg has the audience laughing and salivating at the same time.

A perfect blend of stand-up, anecdotal comedy and highly experimental cookery, George Egg has the audience laughing and salivating at the same time.

Egg himself is an immensely likeable character. He does not need to be bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and energy to warm himself to the audience, his calm demeanour alongside excellent comic timing and delivery achieve this very well. Egg’s anecdotal approach to comedy works superbly alongside the cooking elements of the show as it allows him to provide entertainment even during sections which could be deemed slightly less entertaining to watch. Egg has also mastered the art of subtle physical comedy, indicating to the audience that he’s going to cook some interesting ingredient and then taking a moment to reveal the tool with which he’ll do it, leaving the audience reeling from this revelation.

By far the most entertaining sections of Egg’s performance are when he gets down to cooking. From steaming eggs using wallpaper strippers to grilling meat on the head of a shovel, Egg proves that he has ingenuity when it comes to cooking. What continues to be impressive is the care and attention he takes with meals and his aim not only to cook food in unusual ways, but to make that food incredibly tasty. From the frequent addition of seasoning, to the presentation and display to the audience, often met with applause, Egg shows real passion, and, having tasted some of the dishes after the show, I can safely say that they were delicious.

Egg’s performance isn’t entirely flawless. Faced with some logistical problems of the stage and audience depth, he often needs to speak into the microphone whilst moving around, causing some entanglements and breaks in the comedic flow. Also, whilst Egg’s material for the majority of the show is excellent, the final third proves slightly repetitive. All in all however, George Egg is a fantastic comedian and excellent entertainer, with a superb premise for a show, deftly executed, and if he were to open a restaurant-come-comedy club I would be the first in line.

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George Egg – DIY Chef

Following sell out Edinburgh Fringe runs in 2015 and 2016 plus a sell out UK tour, award winning* comedian George Egg (the ‘Anarchist Cook’) returns with a BRAND NEW SHOW demonstrating more live cooking and laugh-out-loud comedy.

In ‘DIY CHEF’ George‘s doctor has told him he needs to rethink his culinary habits and as a result his family have banned him from using the kitchen. They’ve banished him to the shed. But George simply has to keep cooking and his unstoppable urge to be creative means inventive solutions and some seriously tasty food.

It’s funny, inspiring and absurd in equal measure, a cross-genre show falling somewhere between a stand-up comedy set and an illustrated lecture. Expect power tools, gardening equipment and office supplies to be abused and re-purposed. Expect lots of laughs. Expect to learn something new. And you get to taste the food at the end.**

*Spirit Of The Fringe Award, Edinburgh 2015

**at your own risk!

‘‘It is refreshing to encounter a performer who really is unique" - The Telegraph