Geoff Norcott: Conswervative
  • UK Regional & Tours

A trade unionists son who grew up on a council estate, Geoff Norcott is wondering how the hell he ended up leaning to the right.

However, in the last 12 months, defending his light blue sympathies has become the least of Geoffs problems. From having to justify his Leave vote to distancing himself from the rise of the sinister alt-right, Geoff is fire-fighting by turning his satirical eye on the hysteria and hypocrisies of the British liberal left.

In Conswervative Geoff comes to terms with being a class traitor while also taking uncompromising stances on issues ranging from depression, benefit fraud and the maudlin British obsession with the NHS. Malingerers are still welcome, just dont expect concessions.

Conswervative is the debut tour from the Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show nominee and writer for Channel 4s Alternative Election Night (2015), BBC1s Live At The Apollo, BB2s The Sarah Millican Television Programme, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Alan Carrs Happy Hour (both C4), and Sky 1s A League of Their Own.