Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 1

First of all, let’s get it out of the way, DO NOT go to this show with your mother. Unless your mother is keen on endless masturbating, genitilia, and fart jokes. This is a no-holds-barred sketch show unlike any other; it revels in its own vulgarity and immaturit, and is all the more uproarious because of its brash tone. Some will go into this show and be unable to see beyond its in-your-face shock value, which is a shame as there is real talent on display here. This is not a group of friends just fooling around on stage; this is an extremely polished, expertly performed show that should be praised for its near-on-flawless execution. It is crude humour, but that is an art form in itself. This is Farrelly Brothers territory: if Ben Stiller can get paid millions for getting his genitilia stuck in his zip then we shouldn’t be shy in accepting that sometimes, willies are funny. This young trio is very much aware of the fact, and they get more laughs out of the dangly body part than you would ever think possible in just one hour.

There’s plenty of inappropriate material that is abused with downright hilarious results.

The show is performed with a wild, manic energy by the three performers, each with their own unnerving persona which complements the others’ perfectly. Kitted out in what seems like a tongue-in-cheek P.E. kit, the trio bounce out onto the stage for a hilarious opening dance number and keep the audience enthralled with their impeccable comic timing and outstanding comedy acting.

There’s plenty of other inappropriate material that is abused with downright hilarious results. There has to be a level of intelligence behind the crudeness for a show like this to work and that’s where the quality of the writing becomes apparent. For a comedy show to place bad taste at the forefront of its sketches, it has to do more than just present a childish joke at the end of the sketch. Gein’s sketches give as much attention to their characters, situations and pacing as they do to the eventual punchline. Whilst some of the sketches are still a little rough around the edges, the vast majority of them exceed expectations: Gein’s Family Giftshop always goes somewhere a little more gross and childish than you’d expect any comedy troupe would be willing to go. This is absurd, crude comedy at its absolute best; go with friends, have a drink and enjoy this gloriously daft hour of gross-out madness.

Reviews by Stewart McLaren

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An hour of dark, absurd and fast paced sketches marrying the tragic with the riotous. Applying a warped world vision to the hilarious subject matter of abject misery and human tragedy. Your new favourite sketch group, you just don’t know it yet. Winners: Best New Sketch Act and Audience Choice Award at London Sketchfest 2014. 'Gein’s Family Gift Shop made me absolutely howl' ( 'A tour de force... watch this act as soon as you can' (Salfordian). 'Clever with words, clever with visuals - these three performers use simple ideas and execute them brilliantly' (