Gary Colman: ChUNT - The Verb to Grumble

Gary Colman (no not that one) has been a strong force at the free fringe for some time now and he certainly hasn’t dropped the ball this year round. In his new show, Gary Colman: ChUNT - The Verb to Grumble, Gary constructs a witty and personal reflection on everyday life. There’s funny stories about his kids, an unfortunate episode with his dog and then some hilarious tales about bears and dolphins. But the main focus in Colman’s stand up this year, is a retrospective look at what you wanted to be when you were growing up and the pressure you find yourself in, in modern life, to try and achieve that dream.

Colman has developed a fine piece of stand-up comedy that explores the important things in life.

Colman has a sharp wit, firing through tales at speed and setting up lots of jokes with quick-fire punchlines. Some of these punchlines are knowingly bad, but that’s another part of the humour from this clever wordsmith comedian. Colman has a good arc to his stand-up, building a few narratives that he continues to return to throughout the act and which provide a particularly nice structure to the show. There’s a warm and heartfelt quality to the stand-up but it never becomes too sentimental as the grumpy little gnome side of Colman’s personality always interrupts with a funny and usually warped punchline.

Colman has developed a fine piece of stand-up comedy that explores the important things in life. For Colman, family is clearly at the heart of that and the connections between himself and his son that he talks about with wit and heart help form a mature, personal and very funny stand-up set. 

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A misanthropologist’s field guide into how rubbish we are. Joyous, uplifting show about the crushing banality of family life. ‘Seasoned gagsmith with a sharp eye for the absurdities of life’ (Evening Standard). ‘Fearlessly funny’ (GQ).