Garrett Millerick: Which One's Fergal?

Garrett Millerick impersonates different characters from standard British life in Which One's Fergal? Millerick only had three audience members and was performing at the back of a noisy bar but he did not let this damage his act.

We first saw a British policeman demonstrating his authority and going beyond what many would say was reasonable by going on a power trip. The iconic constable's hat was the only prop during this - it worked.

Politicians also featured in the act. We hear from all three parties: an overly pretentious Tory, pathetic Liberal and anxious Labour MP. Though at no point was there a moment where any of the taudience burst into spontaneous laughter, it was good fun and entertaining throughout.

The best character worked in advertising and thought he could sell anything. Millerick seemed to perform this character naturally and made many good cocky one-liners.

Overall the show was fairly slow and basic and the lack of story development was disappointing. However, Millerick clearly could act and performed each of his characters well. It was a fun 45 minutes in a pub on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Bearing in mind it is part of the Free Fringe there’s not much to lose in seeing this, unfortunately though it seems unlikely Millerick will be performing on a bigger stage soon.

The Blurb

Mixes satire, physical comedy, storytelling and observational humour with a sprinkling of motivational rap to create something akin to a one man version of Jamie’s Dream School but without the aspirational elements.