Gadd, Kirk and Winning: Well, This is Awkward...

Considering that all the members of this Glaswegian trio are award-winning (and by this I mean prestigious awards like ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ and Chortle, rather than Best in Show at some backwater village fete), I was expecting great things from them. At times they sparkle but a lack of consistency hampers them. Having all three names in the title is somewhat misleading as the only time that they perform together is during the finale. Before this they all go it alone. Aesthetically absurd James Kirk is the first on stage and his deconstructionist set is the best individual performance of the hour. The ginger Cartman-doppelganger’s ace in the pack is speculating as to what some of Jay-Z’s ‘99 Problems’ might be (considering his ‘bitch ain’t one’). While Kirk is well received, Richard Gadd is not so lucky. Ambitiously, he goes down the road of pretending to be a bad stand up and while there are certainly some gems, it is a concept that must be executed perfectly in order to avoid being, well, a bad stand up. The final individual performance is Matthew Winning. He’s probably the most traditional comedian of the three and his routine about subjects such as Orange Wednesdays produce solid laughs without bringing the house down.Without doubt the highlight of the hour is when the trio combine to form a faux rap group ‘Vocal Point’. A filthy take on the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ with perfect timing is a fantastic satire of the ridiculous world of hip hop. As a show, it has potential to get better and considering it’s part of the free Fringe, there’s no harm at all in taking a punt on it.

The Blurb

Scotland’s best new alternative comedians: Richard Gadd (winner Laughing Penguin New Act 2010), James Kirk (winner So You Think You’re Funny? 2010) and Matt Winning (finalist Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2010).