Funny Turns
  • West End

A new comedy by David Hampshire. Presented in association with BESTheatre and Stagescripts. Directed by Hayward B. Morse.

A comedy set in a theatrical boarding house in 1935. Struggling comedian Norman Tate passes his time rehearsing his very average act with Sally, the love-struck daughter of his landlady Alice. Four stories inter-weave involving Alice and Sally, Norman's best pal Victor (a conjurer), Charlie (a song and dance man), Arthur (an eccentric pianist), Laurence (an actor) and Harold Chance (an impresario). When Norman's ex-wife speciality act Nellie Price moves into his digs Norman's life changes dramatically. A tale of humour, heartbreak and eventual redemption which demonstrates that life is indeed full of 'funny turns'.

''A brilliant play, beautifully constructed with a wonderful range of characters'' - Martin Wimbush, Actor

"I was swept up in the compelling, skilfully written story which made me both laugh and cry'' - Sally Sheringham, Writer

"I haven't enjoyed a play so much for years. The characters are so well drawn that they would resonate with anyone who has ever lived in theatrical digs'' - Melanie Hughes, Writer