Funny for a Grrrl

Witty, fresh and clever, Funny for a Grrrl serves a refreshing line-up of stand-up in this year’s Fringe. With the show lasting just under an hour and including three acts, it would have been easy for the sets to appear rushed or for the audience to not really get into it. However, this was not a case for any of the comics on show.

Do yourself a favour and head down to St Andrew’s square to see these incredibly funny comics.

Sindhu Vee’s set provided a hilarious stance on family life, relationships and culture in modern Britain which appealed to parents and young people in the audience alike. Her gag at the end was slightly drawn out and it was unclear how we had got to the end of it when we did, but overall the set was excellent. A particularly great moment was her discussing an event in her family last Christmas, that left the audience laughing and sympathising at the same time.

Mary Bourke took the middle slot. The Irish comic’s set perfectly joked about aspects of cultural behaviours in Britain and Ireland, highlighting various interactions she had had or seen with hecklers in Glasgow and Dublin, as well as two extremely funny and believable impressions of two American comics. Her discussion of humour itself and how it various from place to place is apt, amusing and smart.

The final slot was taken by Jayde Adams. The Bristol comedian owned the stage from the offset. Her section about chavs on the Megabus was funny, but at first seemed like a fairly predictable gag that had been done before. This was until she burst into a rendition of Nessun Dorma. This was unexpected but hilarious, with the finale looking like something out of a Family Guy sketch that the audience met with cheers and applause.

With various acts on throughout the rest of the Fringe, do yourself a favour and head down to St Andrew’s square to see these incredibly funny comics.  

Reviews by Hayley Sophie Scott

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We’ve selected the funniest women we could find at the Fringe and brought them together for an afternoon of comedy you’ll never forget! ‘An amazing evening of the most hilarious women I've seen in a very long time. When BBC producers say they can't find any funny women they obviously haven't been looking hard enough’ (Evening Herald, Dublin). ‘A fascinating range of different comedic styles. Even Christopher Hitchens would find these women funny’ (GQ). ‘Our girls are clean and won't rush you’ (Watford Gazette).