Funny Bones Trash

Embracing all the great theatrical traditions of silent comedy and vaudeville, Funny Bones Trash is the best kind of children’s show. With a tight understanding of what makes people laugh, Chris Peters and Keiichiro Miyaji are very fine comic performers.

Funny Bones Trash sets out first to amaze you, and then to make you laugh along with it.

Part of what makes the show so fantastic is that the duo evidently never forget the full breadth of their audience. Despite occasional forays into more gross-out humour, Peters and Miyaji never push their content so far that it becomes inappropriate. Kids will love the way in which the show blends slapstick and magic, whilst simultaneously giggling with glee at the shows liberal use of dog poo.

The pair evidently understands the strength of the two-part joke structure, setting up our expectations, and then subverting them to full effect. Flying broomsticks are revealed to be men wobbling on stools, levitating bodies are soon brought down to earth. Funny Bones Trash sets out first to amaze you, and then to make you laugh along with it.

Audience interaction is used to similarly hilarious effect. Kids are involved in some of the simpler set pieces, while later on in the show adults are brought up for some of the more complex moments. This serves to focus on the kids from the onset, making them feel like part of the show from the get go.

Once they are already hooked, the production changes gear, letting them laugh at the ridiculous situations the adults are put in. Let’s be honest: there aren’t many things funnier than seeing a grown man go from acting like a samurai to dancing like a hula girl. From a technical perspective the show is run seamlessly, using a range of music, and a beautiful lighting design to enhance the show even further.

Reviews by Alexander Gillespie


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The Blurb

Funny Bones Trash will have both children and adults laughing non-stop. Trash has never been so fun. Funny Bones gets awesomely creative, turning everyday items into mini stunts and gags that will keep the entire audience captivated. Adults become big kids here. And the real children will be cackling with laughter from all the excitement. Silent comedy, giant puppetry, extensive facial expressions and a huge catalogue of props makes for one very fast paced and high energy show.