FunBags a Go-Go!

Funbags are a high energy, lung-busting comedy trio here to deliver a hot serving of social commentary through the power of sketch. Funbags is the heady culmination of the talents of comedians Jo Burke, Gemma Layton, and Jacqui Curran, who all seem to be firmly on the same page when it comes to their genre of pop culture commentary through sketch.

A quality offering for lovers of fast-paced sketch in the Free Fringe.

The three specialise in very short, punchy sketches; each bit ending abruptly the second the punchline is delivered and switching seamlessly into the next sketch. We are treated to a Christmas carol about the office Christmas party. We meet a passive aggressive sat nav. A gameshow trying to determine who is the most popular paedophile. There’s a number of musical numbers, during which the three display their competent harmonising skills. The trio manage to squeeze an impressive number of ideas and scenes into the 50 minutes.

There’s no doubt that these three are seasoned performers. All three have trained actors’ voices; able to bounce their lines off the back of the wall with clarity and character. They all possess elasticity in their character portrayals, nailing a range of accents and characterisations. It’s clear this show has been rehearsed to the point of precision. There is not a line out of place or a moment of uncertainty.

If the show lacked anything, perhaps it was just that the sketch ideas were a little safe and lacking any absurdity. I didn’t feel any moments of genuine surprise, or that we ever wandered off the path of everyday themes. I never really felt like I saw the people behind the characters, but perhaps that is too much to ask from a sketch troupe.

This is a thoroughly competent, high-octane comedy sketch show mocking the mundanity of everyday life. A quality offering for lovers of fast-paced sketch in the Free Fringe. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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FunBags a Go-Go!




The Blurb

Sketches and comedy songs from the thrilling threesome. Join FunBags for their triumphant return (subject to opinion) to the Edinburgh Fringe. Featuring Gemma ‘Last Minute’ Layton, Jacqui ‘I Love the Humous’ Curran and Jo ‘I Can’t Stand the Other Two’ Burke. Between them they are SYTYF?, Laughing Horse, Funny Women and Golden Jester semi-finalists. #justcome. It’s free!