Fuego Carnal

Returning to Adelaide for the third time, Fuego Carnal is a combination of traditional circus, cabaret and spectacular fire performance. In a tent that’s open to the stars, we are dazzled by an incredible array of performances. What’s particularly enjoyable is just how playful this incredibly dangerous show manages to be; there’s a lot of cheeky winks and comical moments throughout from the entire cast. The emcee does a great line in witty, bilingual banter and her appearances on stage are a delight.

It’s almost overwhelming in its intensity.

During the hour, we get fire whips, flaming staff spinning, fiery arrows, fire eating, flame-throwing bagpipes, and contortion and sword swallowing combined. It’s almost overwhelming in its intensity but there’s some beautiful moments in there too. An excellent combination of ice skating and trapeze is perfectly choreographed and the pacing is perfectly placed in the show to enrapture us before the explosive finale.

The only misstep in the whole show is the cabaret performer who spends a little too long messing around with a volunteer from the audience. It feels like it belongs in a different show and – although there are laughs from the crowd – it never gets anywhere close to the audience response for the other acts.

I tried to avoid fiery puns in this review because I’m sure it’s been done by every other reviewer and, as a fire performer myself, they make my skin crawl but I can’t help but describe Fuego Carnal as the hottest ticket at the Fringe.

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The Blurb

“THIS is Circus flambé indeed, full of the wow factor that takes circus well out of the ordinary***** The Advertiser 2017. Fuego Carnal is a heart racing display of phenomenal high risk arts from around the globe. 2016 & 2017 saw it win 5 star reviews, 2 awards and the hearts of those who came. Fuego is Spanish for fire and is the rails on which runs this “rollercoaster of wild stunts, exotic beats, mesmerising flames, packed full of magical jaw-dropping moments, fuelled by sensual choreography and a wicked sense of humour”. ***** Scenestr. 2017. Produced by internationally acclaimed Dream State Entertainment, with a mix of new artists & crowd favourites, combined with stunning sound and visuals by Dustin Bint "The Alchemist"; offers pure exhilarating entertainment!