Frisky & Mannish: 27 Club

Frisky and Mannish are well known for their comedy capers in their madcap tribute to pop icons, but what happens when the duo turn serious and take a look at the pop and rock phenomenon of stars who have passed away at the age of 27? We are talking of course of Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones among other rockstar tortured souls. The show opens with Frisky and Mannish examining the CVs of those stars they think are next in line to enter the club.

From the top of the show this is a very different type of production from what we have come to expect from Frisky and Mannish but it is blistering evidence of their talent that they can take such a artistic risk. The show is filled with humour but also serious moments when the duo realise that these artists are actually dead and gone far to soon.

The premise of the production is a macabre exploration of what makes the 27 club so famous. It's universally agreed that its not so much the icons who are in the club as it is those left behind who keep the candle burning. The exploration takes a sinister turn as Frisky and Mannish realise they are both 27 and are prime candidates for entry to the club.

The duo blend an eclectic selection of songs with stunning harmonies - there are no click tracks used at this show just Mannish performing his heart out at the onstage piano. The show builds to a thrilling conclusion where the audience aren't sure where fiction ends and reality begins.

This is a marked departure for Frisky and Mannish and its amazing to be able to see another side of their performance skills. There are only two more performances left of this show before they duo return to more familiar territory but the audiences will be dying to get hold of tickets for this awesome late night epic.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Why did so many of the world's most famous, talented musicians meet untimely deaths at 27? The fame was too much. Or not enough. As F&M hit 27 themselves, they analyse this macabre pop phenomenon.