Frisky and Mannish: Pop Centre Plus

A fast-paced, energetic and downright hilarious show that immediately had me finding a space within my schedule to come watch again. In fact, before the show began there was an excited buzz filling the auditorium; this highly original musical cabaret act has a huge following already and they can now certainly add this reviewer to their fan base. Frisky and Mannish are the bizarre creations of Laura Corcoran and Matthew Jones, two very talented individuals who have moulded their performance into an interactive, satirical school of pop. The two personas are wonderfully offbeat, with grotesque animated facial expressions and hyperactive dance routines. On top of this is the outstanding vocal performance of Corcaran who is capable of completely flawless impressions of a large variety of popular singers, and Jones’ own backing vocals alongside his keyboards and accordion are an exceptional accompaniment. The show itself is a richly detailed, colourful and vibrant satire of modern music. The two hosts poke fun at a wide range of pop stars, from Madonna to the Bee Gees, as they attempt to teach the audience how to be pop sensations. In fact, before the end of the show, a new boy band was formed thanks to an imaginative use of audience interaction. There really is no hold up in this show, the pace is frantic and the jokes come at an alarming rate. The individual songs that Frisky and Mannish perform are clever, twisted mash-ups of various artistes' styles. This may be where they lose some of the audience, as the show does rely on everyone being very up to date with their knowledge of pop stars. If you struggle to differentiate between, let’s say, Nelly Furtado and Billie Piper at the best of times then some of the references may go over your head. But don’t let that put you off, because the performances of Corcoran and Jones are so enjoyable that you will be dancing along anyway. The standing ovation the two receive at the end of the show is richly deserved.

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They’re back, following sell-out smash-hits in 2009/2010, to put that education to good use and help you carve out your own career in pop. ***** ( ***** (Mail). ***** (Edinburgh Evening News). **** (Independent).