Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery

If you like your cabaret kick-ass, feminist, patriarchy-smashing and unabashedly consensual, do not miss Glittery Clittery Fringe Wives Club. You will be in ideal company, to kick the ass of the patriarchy, harnessing the power of the clit.

A rip-roaring, inspirational, life-affirming hour of solid gold entertainment.

Glittery costumes, feisty dance moves and musical vivacity kick off the show with a bang. Song lyrics such as "You can have a dick, but don’t be a dick" remind us that consent is essential. The audience roared with laughter at a song about the sexist history of pockets; angst is shared over the undue horror entailed in dealing with a ‘decorative’ pocket. Victoria Falconer showed her musical prowess with A little casual fiddle, whilst Tessa Waters accompanied the song on the banjo. Three part harmonies and a country music style enlisted spontanous audience reactions. We are urged to remember that ‘a pocket is more than a hole’.

One song is a potential tear-jerker; a powerful discourse about male violence against women. This spotlights the normalised oppression and unsolicited aggression that girls and women are ‘taught’ to brush off. The message is brought home by the statistic that two British women are killed, per week, at home, by their male partner.

Three audience members joined the stage, to participate in a gameshow. Star Wars fans will appreciate the name: Lagoon of Mystery. Falconer rocked out with improvised keyboard riffs and witty ripostes, accompanied with a wide range of sassy facial expressions, throughout the gameshow. Rowena Hutson bounds onto the stage, resplendent in a very special costume (see the show to find out) for a character named Laguna. The audience collapsed into hysterical laughter, as Waters carries out a raunchy mime, whilst Hutson responds through interpretive dance. The three constestants are tested on their knowledge of vulvic anatomy.

The song entitled He’s a Feminist F*ck Boy lists male misdemeanours, such as having

watched one episode of Girls, and he thinking he knows it all, then telling a sexist joke, but saying its ironic.

Acknowledgement of the positive changes 2018 has ushered in, such as Repeal the Eighth, gay marriage rights, Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, and #metoo inspires us to strive to make real and inclusive change. The penultimate song is a call to arms to act in solidarity with your sisters and marginalised groups. We are implored to ‘Stay fierce, and mother f*cking furious’.

Despite the closing song not being the feistiest of the night, the sentiment was clear, imploring the audience to make a fuss and 'get furious’

Come along to this show for a rip-roaring, inspirational, life-affirming hour of solid gold entertainment. Original, educational and fiercely feminist. You will leave the venue full to the brim of kick-ass, feel-good positive energy, ready to change the world!

Reviews by Annabel Pribelszki

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The Blurb

Winner: Best Cabaret, Adelaide Fringe 2018. Nominated: Best Newcomer, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017. \\\\\\\'A cult feminist disco not to miss\\\\\\\' ***** (Fest). Named a Top Five Adelaide Fringe Show by the Guardian, this champagne-fuelled power trio are unleashing their debut with original songs, epic dance moves and an explosion of sequins! This ‘irresistibly energetic’ ( extravaganza is fierce, feminist and furiously funny. Starring Victoria Falconer (Time Out London\\\\\\\'s Top 10 Cabaret Stars, EastEnd Cabaret), Tessa Waters (Winner: Best Comedy Weekly, Adelaide Fringe 2017) and Rowena Hutson (Winner: Best Comedy, Melbourne Fringe 2015).