Fringe Sessions 2018

Unfortunately, I was only able to see the first two acts of Fringe Sessions due to time constraints, which was so disappointing as there was so much talent. It was just so lovely to see some locals performing in such a cosy little venue. This show is exactly what the Fringe should be about: celebrating the skill of local performers. And something that makes Fringe Sessions so great is that each date has different artists performing. Since Fiddler’s Elbow is a pub, you’re able to drop in and catch what you can.

This show is exactly what the Fringe should be about: celebrating the skill of local performers.

The first performer I saw was Edd Mann. His musical ability and use of the guitar was so captivating to watch, he brought so much energy to his performance. I’d describe his music as acoustic folk; his set was comprised of original songs, which were mostly upbeat with a few mellow songs thrown in. He had great dynamic variation, through his strumming patterns and the way he used his fingers to drum on his guitar. Overall his set was great to watch, he had an energetic stage presence and was clearly enjoying performing.

The other act I got to watch was Emma Langford, who had travelled from Ireland to be part of the evening. She had a gorgeous, folky voice and played music that was much more chilled out. She did a mix of original songs with some covers too, which the audience loved. Emma had a very strong head voice as well as her chest voice, which was lovely and soft to listen to.

I can’t speak for the other two dates because the acts will be different, but based on what I heard tonight I couldn’t recommend this show enough.

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Live music night featuring a selection of Brighton's finest song-writers and musicians. Artists include: Warsaw Radio, Paul Murray, Edd Mann, Night House, Della Lupa, Kev Minney plus more. Dates: May 3 / 10 / 24 / 31. Doors 8pm. Free Entry