Free Fall

Free Fall is Luca Cupani’s first stand up show and an hour of comedy similar in its rambled, improvised form to Ross Noble’s earlier work. With a thick Italian accent and broken English, Cupani’s show is about bizarre observational humour. It has a style of delivery that is at odds, in terms of pace and cadence, with the rest of this Anglo-centric Fringe.

Luca Cupani is most definitely one to look out for.

For standup shows the benchmark of success is whether the comedian is funny. Cupani most definitely is. Jumping from past lovers to the Hp-printer quality of Scottish money to a fantastic attempt to flirt with an elderly Chinese man in the audience, there is an air of professionalism here that far exceeds what one might expect from a man with such little experience.

In the afternoon, The Three Sisters is a pleasant venue, offering start-up comedians the chance to draw a big crowd into the cavernous Gothic Room with little financial risk. In the evenings however, it turns into something completely different. Not only did Luca have to contend with his first Fringe audience, but a curtain-door that allowed entry to every shouted conversation, every drunken stumbler and every note of TLC’s Scrubs. As a result Luca was left to shout over the noise and peer hopefully into a rapidly diminishing crowd shielded by the over-bright stage lights.

On the basis of these stacked odds and the interactive, improvised manner of Cupani’s comedy, filling the hour was a real achievement. As a spectacle this show is not the best. As a comedian however, Luca Cupani is most definitely one to look out for. 

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The Blurb

Equipped with a strong Italian accent and not so fluent English, Luca goes on stage without a clue of what he's going to talk about: it's a Free Fall.