Fred MacAulay: 25 Fringes

Fred MacAulay flicks back and forward to Fringes of the past and future in this Fringe delight bursting with hilarious humour. His slick delivery, buoyant charisma and visible enjoyment fill the room and the hour with good giggles and occasional guffaws.

From Andy Murray’s victory to talks of Scottish Independence, the national greatness of Scotland revealed itself as a prevailing theme. However MacAulay cannot be criticised for directing his material towards a specific target audience, as his good-natured tales and brash honesty consistently appealed to all. Indeed, some of the funnier moments arose amongst jovial but sharp-witted chatter with his audience members.

Comical anecdotes sifted from MacAulay’s life comprised the majority of the show, as he mirthfully discussed getting smashed in Paris, toilet experiences at the BBC and inappropriate moments of clean intentions becoming muddied with filthy language. His sense of humour may not have been particularly original but it was unanimously well-received and, judging by a few reverberating high-pitched squeals of delight, MacAulay for some was the best thing since sliced bread.

Encouraged by the obvious enjoyment of his crowd, MacAulay emptied his energies into an excellent finale that mused upon all those things a Scot could immortalise within a recordable vibrator purchased from Pigalle – if all of his anecdotes had been this exuberant this could have been a far better show. MacAulay will get you grinning ‘till it hurts and is not one to be missed.


The Blurb

Fringe regular Fred celebrates his 25th appearance. Sometimes stand-up, sometimes radio, always funny – this year’s show is likely to be his best yet. **** ‘persistently strong material and natural affability from Fringe' (List).