Four Screws Loose in #screwtheworld

This fast paced, quick-fire sketch show has the audience rolling in the aisles. It’s fresh, funny, frantic and fairly feminine too. It’s clear these four fellas seem to like dressing up as women!

Since 2010, Four Screws Loose has met much audience and critical acclaim. Quite rightly too, as they are all immensely talented. They can act, sing, dance and perform comedy with great ease. There is no weak link in the cast. The only weak links in this show are a couple of the sketches: the ‘Titanic’ spoof is extremely clever but outstays its welcome and the ‘Bread Making’ sketch is just not funny. These come across weak because everything else is so very good, from the opening musical send-up of fringe shows, to the sex-education lesson and the final Boyband musical spoof.

All the cast are immensely watchable and bursting with a confidence that is charismatic rather than cocky. Their singing is equally impressive with some great musical vocal harmonies and arrangements. Some work needs to be done on the vocals of the ‘Coffee Shop’ sketch which was wildly out of tune. Everything else, including the choreography in the final musical number is top notch and first rate.

I was also impressed with the audience interaction within sketches. The cast worked the audience well and had them in the palm of their hands. On the afternoon I saw the show, a non-English speaking audience member was pulled out of the audience to be used in a sketch. This could easily have been a disaster, due to the nature of the sketch, but the cast handled everything perfectly and made it all the funnier.

With a strong director, script editor, less drag and careful managing, Four Screws Loose could be the next huge thing. Watch them.

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The Blurb

Last year’s big ‘word of mouth underground hit’ (TimeOut) returns with their hotly anticipated new show. ‘Hilarious’ **** (ThreeWeeks). ‘Fearless’ ***** ( ‘Simply brilliant’ **** ( ‘Go see!’**** (Skinny).