Four Sad Faces, Suddenly

When the only woman of the four brought out a loaf of sliced bread, I have to say I did predict the oncoming joke. However, it didn’t stop the laughter and brought the house down as a sarcastic revelation emerged that there are, in fact, numerous things far greater than the slight time-reducing factor of having pre-sliced bread. This is just one of many witty sketches that prevented any sad faces in the audience. It’s fresh, it’s funny and it’s free. Four Sad Faces is an entertaining comedy sketch show at the Canon’s Gait with some side-splittingly funny moments and others that will keep you chuckling until the next moment of hilarity. These four not so sad faces certainly have a level of professionalism worthy of a few bob as sketches are exceedingly well rehearsed and are improved and repeated in a cleverly devised cyclic nature. However, it can sometimes become tiresome as the group have perhaps too many characters and it requires a high state of concentration to appreciate the full effect of the jokes. This doesn’t detract too much from the enjoyment of the performance though and it is the nature of a quick fire sketch show. There are hundreds of shows at the Fringe that will cost a lot more than the Four Sad Faces and they won’t be half as funny. This foursome of comics are deserving of a full audience everyday with characters such as a television chef and a chick lit author and you will leave the Canon’s Gait rather merry. If this quartet are back on the Fringe scene next year I hope they cut a couple of the sketches, focus more on the characters that work brilliantly and demand themselves a ticketed show. Four sad faces will, without a shadow of a doubt, turn your frown upside down.

The Blurb

A deceptively upbeat bushel of sketches. BBC's ‘Four Sad Faces’ have been judged ‘mature, robust and polished’ (Scotsman) and ‘worthy of four stars’ (Three Weeks). Get your own damn opinion, at no cost to you!