Follow the Faun

Step into a sensual, erotic world, with the Faun (Andy Black) and his glittered Nymph accomplice (Sarita Ryan) as your guides. Prepare to dance, hunt and fly through the skies - abandon your inhibitions and embrace your inner pagan with Follow The Faun, a hypnotic mix of trance, rave and bickram yoga that will have you moving like you have never moved before

The more freedom you dare to take, the more rewarding it will be.

Black completely lives and breathes the role, bedecked in tribal tattoos, well-placed false hair and of course the striking curved horns. With the power of simple rhyme he sets up the premise of the evening: he shall lead the way and the audience shall follow his instructions and actions throughout. Warming up gently, from baby steps to primeval dance moves you would never have thought yourself capable of, Black expertly coaxes the animal instinct out of everyone with throbbing beats, dim lighting and thrilling commandments. There is no hiding at the back in this room; this is fully immersive, enthralling and invigorating dance theatre. Friends and strangers are quickly mixed as the fantasy narrative takes the room on a journey from one universe to another, circling, tickling and holding one another in ecstasy. Working with internationally renowned director Molly Molloy and composer Richard Gallagher, Black and Ryan have created a sublime combination of modern rave culture and ancient tradition - after all, fauns are often associated with wildness, enchantment and indulgence in Roman and Greek mythology.

I cannot do Follow The Faun justice in a written review; the more freedom you dare to take, the more rewarding it will be. It is an incomparable, orgasmic festival experience everyone should take part in. Book quickly, tickets are selling out fast, and you will not regret it. Wear comfortable clothes - the glitter is optional - but bring a bottle of water for the walk home.

Reviews by Katie Rose

Pleasance Dome


Underbelly, Cowgate


Pleasance Courtyard

And Before I Forget I Love You, I Love You



Pleasance at EICC

The Lost Things

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows

Courtney Act: Under the Covers




The Blurb

Think the pied piper... on acid... in heels... A multi-dimensional light-being on a mission of love and pleasure – would like to take you higher than the mortal man can measure. On a seething, soaring, flying, flipping, magic road ahead: He’ll take you on a journey if you’re happy to be led. Fusing mythical storytelling, immersive theatre and ecstatic dance. Follow The Faun on a shamagical journey to another dimension! Guaranteed to move your body, blow your mind, open your heart and tickle your fancy! 'Ludicrous, giddy and strangely intoxicating' (Matt Trueman,