This show brings the arts of dancing and paper folding together in an exploration of how the two mediums can unite. Dance company DANCE Kho who include dancers Takao Komaro and Kirsten Ho - the latter of whom also choreographed the piece - hail from Hong Kong and aim to bring their innovative approach to Edinburgh.

The shapes created, both physically and with the paper, are visually stunning.

Strings of large white paper diamonds hang from the front of the set from the beginning, as the dancers move around them. They then start to interact with the shapes, unclipping some strings and attaching to others to create various shapes, that are caught beautifully by the lighting. Later the two crouch on stage and create paper floral shapes and dance with them in their hands. We also see pointed and folded pyramids laid out to create a landscape of mountain tops on stage.

DANCE Kho have worked closely with creator of the paper art works, Stickyline, in the hopes of creating something dynamic onstage. There are indeed times where the shapes created, both physically and with the paper, are visually stunning. Both Ho and Komaru are accomplished and beautiful contemporary dancers and the choreography flows with an organic ease. However what it lacked for me was that real synergy on stage. Beautiful separate elements are all present - the two dancers and the paper - but I couldn't find the connection between the three. The lack of expression from the pair resulted in them almost seeming to look through each other which is an opportunity missed, I feel, to really make an impact on their audience. Without that connection the paper starts to feel something much more like a gimmick, something I'm sure they wouldn't want. 

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

Time Out Critics’ Choice company presents a striking innovative work uniting the art of origami and dance. Inspired and unexpected, dancers and paper fold and unfold in a playful celebration of the power of movement. Dance Kho is a Hong Kong dance company hailed for its daring and innovative approach to contemporary dance. The company's dancers meld movement with other unusual mediums, delighting full-house audiences show after show.