Fleeced is an original comedy musical that tells the story of the made-up ancient Greek hero Jersephules; a simple farm boy doted on by his parents. Farm life isn’t enough for Jersephules; just like Luke Skywalker he dreams of adventure, so one day he escapes the farm disguised as a fair maiden. Unfortunately he’s spotted by Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. Completely taken over by the fair and dainty beauty of this supposed maiden, Hades steals Jersephules and drags him down to the Underworld to be his Queen. When he realises Jersephules is not quite so fair he’s not best pleased. Jersephules begs to be released, so Hades tells him if he can find the magical Golden Fleece that is guarded by the Minotaur, he’ll let him live. Thus begins Jersephules’ wacky adventure. He makes friends with Odysseus and Medusa and together the unlikely trio go off in search of the Golden Fleece...

Essentially, Fleeced is appropriate for two kinds of audiences; the family and the very drunk.

Fleeced is a flimsy pantomime-like musical. It’s pretty terrible in a lot of places but the young cast are well aware of it and have a lot of fun. All the original tongue-in-cheek songs, each with a quirky ‘Disney meets Avenue Q’ vibe, are performed with notable dedication. They’re cute and often technically impressive with a healthy mix of adult humour that should crack smiles and provoke chuckles from parents whilst hopefully going over the kids’ heads. Overall there’s a good amount of comedy and musical skill to provide enjoyment for all the family. Sadly the show is too long and there’s only so much you can take. Essentially, Fleeced is appropriate for two kinds of audiences; the family and the utterly ridiculous/very drunk.

A redeeming feature is that it’s handily situated at the bottom of the Royal Mile by Holyrood. If you’re on a day out with the kids around Arthur’s Seat and the Mile and need a break in the afternoon that will keep the kids entertained and give you a laugh or two then it wouldn’t be a bad show to sit in on. You can always pop into the great fudge shop just down the road. As for everybody else, you’re probably best to stay away unless you fancy an afternoon alternative to The Room.

Reviews by Dave House

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You've heard of Hercules... You've heard of Perseus... You've heard of Achilles... Now meet ... Jersephules! By The Book's first musical extravaganza tells the story of one young man's quest to become a hero. Set in ancient Greece, we watch, riveted, as this simple farmer's son defeats gods and monsters on an epic journey to find his destiny. With a whole host of classic characters from Greek mythology, and some you won't have seen before, this is a legend like no other... In song! ‘Brilliantly funny’ (BuzzMag.co.uk). ‘A great show’ (RoathCardiff.net).