Flawless: Intergalactic Dream

A million miles away from turbulence, Flawless have a smooth take off, a pleasant flight and a well-rehearsed landing that can’t help but bring a smile to my face. Flawless, as I am reminded by an X Factor-esque promo video at the start of the show, have taken the UK by storm after their huge success on the reality television show, Britain’s Got Talent. These ten talented dancers are the stars of the feature film StreetDance 3D and are now hitting the cobbled streets of Edinburgh with their explosive show. The opening routine is set to a mix of recent R’n’B chart toppers and those Flawless boys, as their name would suggest, dance with isolated precision that would put military troupes to shame. Their infectious energy has every member of the audience grinning and subconsciously tapping their feet whilst wishing they had even an eighth of the street cred this bunch of seriously cool dancers have. Conceptually, the show is almost too structured but I suppose I will swiftly brush that one under the carpet as it does provide a framework for the guys to show off their multiple talents. Without giving too much of the concept away, it has to be said that this show certainly changes my perception of Flawless as simply formation-based street dancers to technically trained all-rounders. With influences in dance style ranging from Michael Jackson to Bob Fosse, this is definitely the most organised dream I’ve ever experienced. What makes Flawless: Intergalactic Dream a family Fringe sell-out is the sparkle each of the dancers have in their eyes as soon as the lights are up. One hundred per cent concentration and devotion to the audience’s enjoyment is at the heart of this piece, the dancing that runs alongside it is just an added bonus. The lyrics of one of the songs played in the opening number are ‘Check my swagger out’ and, to be honest, you’d be hard pushed to do anything to the contrary. These performers are having the time of their lives and act as an inspiration to many young people throughout the UK. Flawless: It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Blurb

Forth One 2010 Fringe Performance Award winners and stars of StreetDance 3D and Britain's Got Talent return to take their breathless, explosive brand of stunning street dance into space! ‘Dazzling... Don't miss it’ ***** (News Of The World).