Flash Mob

With a title like Flash Mob I thought this show might have included an actual 'flash mob' around Bristo Square. Sadly, this is not the case, but this eclectic and entertaining performance is still worth a go.

Directed by Gary Lloyd, this concert proved an effective showcase for these talented dancers. Flash Mob has about ten acts, and while the dancing was not all technically perfect, for mainstream audiences - especially families with kids - these dances are ideal. They have that 'wow factor' that the majority of Fringe shows lack. The Irish dancing was incredible; I could've watched that much longer than the duration of the 45 minute show, which felt incredibly short for a performance in a major venue of about 800 seats. In this brief time, the show managed to display just about every type of dance, from contemporary ballet to salsa to street, and all executed well.

If you can't decide which dance show to see and aren't looking for any particular genre, this is the show for you. For dance lovers and technical experts, find a smaller more intimate performance- without audience participation. But, overall, Flash Mob is a fun show for the whole family.

The Blurb

A dance fan's paradise! The nation's favourite dance reality stars from shows like Got To Dance and So You Think You Can Dance. Watch dance worlds collide in this explosive show that will get everyone on their feet.