Flamenco Flow Global

Though I didn’t feel instantly transported to the south of Spain as I normally do when watching flamenco musicians and dancers, Flamenco Flow Global is certainly the real deal. The company's attempt at "fusion" incorporating dancers and drummers from Zimbabwe and Scotland might have been what kept me from being swept away.

The two Spanish dancers - male and female - were outstanding, although the many changes of costume did nothing to enhance the natural grace, beauty and strength of the performances (it would have been better to stick to one fab dress rather than the range of slightly tacky outfits). However, style griping apart, Ricardo Garcia is a consummate guitarist - his playing is seemingly effortless and covers all styles from classical Spanish/flamenco to Jazz incorporating African influences on the way (he worked in Malawi for eight years). He stays put centre stage throughout while the other members of the company "flow" on and off around him.

Ricardo Garcia is taking part in quite a few different events at the Fringe this year and I would definitely recommend taking time out to see him and his company.

The Blurb

Fringe favourite Ricardo Garcia's music has travelled to four continents in recent years, demonstrating the art of Flamenco music, rhythm and dance. Just returned from Ethiopia, creating and performing a collaboration sponsored by the Spanish Embassy. www.flamencoflow.com.