Five Feet in Front (The Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo)

This musically infused telling of Five Feet in Front (the Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo) is a highly energised, yarn spinning hoedown of a play. Through use of live music, song and theatre it follows the thrilling story of a young innocent woman in a town of the corrupt.

A great piece of adventurous, music-accompanied theatre.

The show is set in a small Southern state settlement in the middle of the dust-blown desert, and there’s a storm a-comin’. The unusually named young woman, Little Johnnie Wylo, is making a deal with the Wind – a seemingly malevolent and omnipresent force - to save her town.

The many performers in this piece are very skilled. We are taken on a fast-paced musical adventure, deeply rooted in country and western, infused with gypsy folk style melodies. We cannot help but tap our feet along to the high energy songs as the story unfolds.

This company shows a lot of creativity in the storytelling of this piece. There are no weak links. Every member of the ensemble fully commits to the action throughout.

The set is beautifully constructed to completely immerse the audience. The lighting is expertly manipulated, including the use of shadow work to add to the storytelling.

The fine storytelling would appeal to slightly younger audiences, but the production also has a broad general appeal to adult audiences, making it a great piece of adventurous, music-accompanied theatre.

Reviews by Dixon Baskerville

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The Blurb

A clock, a town, a sunrise on an empty open coffin and the wind. The wind, who’s dead set on sticking someone in it by sunset. Down in the dust bowl the air’s so thick folk just can’t see what’s coming their way anymore, all ‘cept Johnnie, little Johnnie Wylo. Struggle, survival, sex and live music brewed up into a foot stomping, bath blasting, bone shaking hoedown. A wild and darkly funny tale about hope and daring to have it in the land of the downtrodden.