Fifty Shades of Fizzog

Who doesn’t want to see grannies street dance?

Pure laughs from start to finish, this fantastic foursome deserve a full house each and every night

In an unexpected turn of events, this year’s breakthrough sketch show is not just another bunch of students. This year it is the turn of the Fizzog’s and they’ve broken through fantastically. A sketch show with a difference, this Black Country trio are unpretentious, unpredictable and unbearably hilarious. Joined at the Fringe by honorary Fizzog James Collins, the group push the boundaries of conventional sketch comedy. Verging on a variety show, the Fizzog’s humour is simple but immaculate, adding song and dance to an already impressive comedy routine.

With their grannies having gone viral earlier in the year, the Fizzog’s have found success almost by accident. Picked up by US and Midlands TV, the foursome bring some of their favourite characters to this year’s Fringe. FABA, the unabashed ABBA tribute act, and the Grannies are obvious highlights. But nothing is quite as spectacularly funny as The Kids, a year one class in the midst of a somewhat embarrassing “Show and Tell” assembly. The group aren’t trying to be too clever and each individual’s performance is exceptional, a real testament to the quality of the Fizzog’s. Performing a smaller set of longer sketches, nothing is rushed and huge detail goes into the individual characters. But most impressively, the Fizzog’s have created a show without a niche. Genuinely funny for everyone, it has been a long time since I’ve seen an act with such wide appeal.

If I’m to make some criticisms, then there are a few moments which are a little slow and occasionally a sketch lasts longer than necessary. There could be a little more material and although the group is exceptionally well prepared, it almost lacks spontaneity. That said, these really are minor points. For a company who’ve only recently made a name for themselves, I am astounded by the quality of their work. Pure laughs from start to finish, this fantastic foursome deserve a full house each and every night.

Reviews by Max Falkenberg

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The Blurb

If it's laughter you want then the Fizzogs will provide it in bucket loads, with their hilarious routines ranging from naughty school kids to even naughtier dancing grannies. There is dance, song and most of all raucous comedy from a group that has performed to sell-out audiences in their native West Midlands. But they have gained a worldwide following after their grannies routine went viral and attracted 1.6 million shares on Facebook. Their growing army of fans have made comments such as: ‘Laughed till we cried, cheek muscles well and truly aching’.