Fenby and Padstow: A Class Apart (WIP)
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

When a balding, chubby, pie-eating northerner and a lithe, posh, child-faced nerd form a comedy duo; the north-south divide gets a little funnier. Fresh from the rich, rolling green hills of the south quadrant of his parent's mansion, Fenby's wealth is often exaggerated by his writing partner. Meanwhile, from the dreary, grey, decrepitude of a generic northern town, Padstow brings a cheery optimism to Fenby's overly long, mahogany dining table. The result is a hilariously hazardous mixture of poetry, stand up, sketches and silliness!

You are invited to listen and laugh along as we tackle everything from our follicularly challenged faces and heads, via a Dr Suess-inspired exploration of a hangover and the Jurassic Park franchise (A Scouting for Girls Parody). There's something for everyone in this fast-paced, quirky comedy compilation. North Vs South. Rich Vs Poor-ly executed sign offs. This comedy duo really are 'a class apart'.

"one of the stand out acts of the evening, bringing youthful charisma with their wit and energy" - Cup of Beans Comedy

"[Padstow's] willingness to transform himself into any type of character for laughs is highly impressive. While Fenby shines out most brightly in the acting department" - (Praise for 'Thespianage' from Edfringereview)