Femmetamorphosis is an easy going play that explores the relationships of five very different characters as they help one of their own through a nasty break up. Its simplicity is charming and makes for an enjoyable feel good performance.

There is something really uplifting about a group of friends just having a laugh together

The play follows Ruth (Angharad Price) as she sets up what could potentially be an awkward lingerie party as she has invited women from different friendship circles. As the girls meet up we find out that one of Ruth’s colleagues, Edith (Tanya Salinder), has just been dumped by her boyfriend. As the glasses of wine empty, the girls try to help Edith through her break up by giving her a make-over and transmitting some relationship advice. The friendships strengthen and we see a group of friends have a great and at times emotional night together.

Angharah Price is very truthful in her performance of the hostess Ruth. We see a few realistic quirks to her performance - especially once the character has had a drink. Being intoxicated on stage is very difficult to get right and Price conveyed this convincingly without looking fake or awkward. Jennifer Kingston, playing Cecelia, was feisty as the motherly figure and hilarious in her lack of knowledge of youth culture. She contributed greatly to the comic relief. The most memorable parts were when the girl’s laughter seemed most genuine. There is something really uplifting about a group of friends just having a laugh together. The simplicity is what was interesting: proof that plays don’t necessarily need dramatic plot lines and explosions to be enjoyable.

The show has a lot of potential to be an uplifting piece of theatre. However, there are a few quirks that would need to be worked out in order to make the scenes flow together more and make sense of the play. Scene changes are a bit too long, losing the show’s natural momentum, while sound effects vary wildly in volume and necessity. It would also make sense for the play to be all female given the title! Ruth’s Boyfriend, Wesley (Jamal Williams), played no real significance in the storyline. Perhaps if the couple’s relationship had more to do with the development of the plot it would make more sense for his appearance.

The play is an attempt at a truthful portrayal of women letting go and there is an endearing innocence about the characters just being themselves. However, the show really needs some character development and a few tweaks in the script in order to hold the audience’s attention. With some work the show could be a pleasant reminder to the audience to just enjoy the little moments in life.

Reviews by Miss Ashleigh More

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The Blurb

A lingerie party is arranged with a group of women from different walks of life. Add some sexy lingerie, a mix of Caribbean rum punch, some zany characters and a makeover and you have all the ingredients of a very funny and emotional comedy. Femmetamorphosis is the gradual change throughout the play of attitudes, friendships and a makeover in order to help a young woman raise her self-esteem and confidence, with some laughs involved. Femmetamorphosis is a new comedy written, directed and performed by Sharron Spice with the Elicit Theatre Company.