Fear-tre of Fear with Thaddeus Bent
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Down the back of the sofa of your subconscious lie your deepest fears! In this realm of fluff and nightmares one man walks alone... Thaddeus Bent. The Author, story-teller and fear-monger shines his mini mag light torch into the blackest corners of your mind! Thaddeus Bent is an inhuman three way of Stephen King, Garth Marenghi and Alan Partridge! Now he brings his first ever solo fear-tre show to theatres! A collision of stand-up and storytelling with a terrifying live music soundtrack! 'Bent's tight storytelling and incessant zany details never fail to amuse - genuinely puts you on the edge of your seat!' - Broadway Baby 'Creative. Original. Eclectic and downright bizarre - but also wickedly funny!' - North West End