• London Fringe

Following the success of "Between a Man and a Woman", JamesArts Productions will be teaming up with Squire Lane Theatrical to bring you their exciting new piece.

How does the area in which we grow up affect us? If what you see is what you know, does that mark your card from the start. "F*ckingLifeMate" follows Kirsty, a girl growing up in Thamesmead in South East London. Crime rate is high, teenage pregnancy is common and being gay is still not OK.

Kirsty and her friends maneuver their way through this way of life, whilst dealing with their troublesome families and home-lives.

Teenage pregnancy is something that will never cease. Kirsty learns this. What does it mean to be gay in an area like this? She also learns.This dark comedy is outrageous, gritty and thought-provoking, as it makes us ask questions about growing up on the estate, trapped in the welfare system.