Fauna is a bold, mesmerising exploration of primal behaviour brought to us by the wonderful Fauna Circus. This company is made up of five highly skilled acrobats who met at the world leading circus school DOCH in Sweden and one multi-talented live musician. This show exhibits a multidisciplinary mix of contemporary circus, physical theatre and music. On entering the space we are greeted by birds singing, live acoustic guitar music, a minimalist set and the performers emerging onto the stage in slow motion; the mood was set for this cool, edgy contemporary piece.

A beautiful display of physical theatre, music and acrobatics which explores a number of thought provoking themes.

In this show we are presented with a number of short movement pieces performed both individually and as part of a duet. The five performers show excellent teamwork in portraying the ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition and the innocent pleasure of play through skilful acrobatics. These pieces explore the differences and similarities between humans and examine the primitive nature of animals. Some of the characters are more gentle and playful, while others are more aggressive and determined to protect their territory. Whether it involves hunting for food, survival or sexual attraction, these are all universal basic instincts in both the human and animal world. The skill and control that each acrobat brings to their performance is just astounding and one can’t help but feel very ordinary and insignificant in the presence of such superior talent and strength. Each acrobat has their own signature set of movements which are accompanied by their own musical theme played by the highly skilled Geordie Little who plays the acoustic guitar, operates the sound desk and an instrument or some contraption with his bare feet!

I felt at times it was hard to invest in this performance emotionally as each piece was short and although they linked up to explore a common theme, it was difficult to immerse yourself into a story or character. That being said this show is a beautiful display of physical theatre, music and acrobatics which explores a number of thought provoking themes.

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The Blurb

A captivating exploration of primal behaviour created by performers from leading circus companies Gravity & Other Myths, NoFit State Circus, Seven Fingers and Poivre Rose. Witness the ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition, the Machiavellian cunning and the simple pleasure of play brought to life through the entrancing skill of these creatures from different circus backgrounds. Set to an original live soundtrack by award-winning acoustic and percussive guitarist Geordie Little. 'A synergy of dynamic and creative forces that is as beautiful as life itself' (Scenestr.com.au) 'Wild creatures in a beautifully controlled acrobatic story' (BroadwayWorld.com).