Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Fawlty Towers was a short lived but beloved TV series which has been turned into an interactive dining experience. Those people who know the show and characters are well aware of what chaos they've agreed to, but anyone else coming simply because they've read about this popular attraction are in for quite a shock. Basil, his wife Sybil and their bumbling waiter Manuel welcome you into their restaurant and shenanigans ensue.

You're seated at long tables, smooshed up against the person next to you in terribly uncomfortable chairs. Your courses are served to you either by the cast who banter and bustle about - or by real employees of the establishment who look positively miserable. It must be said that if you were planning on actually eating your meal you're basically out of luck. Rolls will be thrown, water will be splashed, and garnish will be tossed. When a bit of food actually made it to your plate, you ate it as fast as possible before it was taken away or played with.

I can't imagine attempting to fill John Cleese's shoes and unfortunately the actor trying to do so fails rather miserably; a clown with all the subtlety of a stampeding elephant. Sybil is absolutely perfect, coming around and checking on each table. Manuel is endearing and has excellent comedic timing but after a while even his schtick gets old. Some of the audience laughed heartily, some looked terrified at what might be coming next. Manuel could be climbing on you or Basil could be underneath your table. I was bored and annoyed, but others seemed genuinely amused. In the end, this is something you have to experience and judge for yourself.


The Blurb

Basil, Sybil and Manuel open for their sixth Fringe. Always a sell-out, only a third of the show is scripted, so everything stays fresh. ‘Best comedy show I've ever seen' (Sunday Express). Acclaimed internationally.