An iconic performance by all involved in the unnerving Fast. Part of the Brighton Fringe’s Arts Industry showcase, WINDOW, it’s an unmissable performance if you want to be captivated by disturbance, chilling sensations and shocking outcomes.

This psychological thriller plays with your mind, emotions and overall grip

The enclosed venue of the Purple Playhouse theatre sets the scene for an intimate performance and soon enough the colourful welcoming village hall was turned into a hospital you may never leave. From the moment you take your seat to the moment you leave through the doors, you are thrown into a 1901 eerie atmosphere. The simplistic setting doesn’t limit this play, but instead benefits the characters in their acting and movements around the stage situated within the round.

At the first sight of 'Doctor' Hazzard, played by Caroline Lawrie, the air chills as you become accustomed to viewing your most disturbing nightmare. Breaking down the fourth wall allows you to be gripped throughout the hour-long performance by the unbreakable eye contact of a doctor you may never wish to see, let alone volunteer to look after your wellbeing. Clare and Dora, played by Stephanie James and Anya Williams, present a riveting performance alongside Lawrie as they fight against their illnesses and allow for you to go home, breathing easy, knowing that you are not the one under the spell of the cure. Their realistic performance draws you in just to be catapulted through their emotions and time within the sanatorium.

This psychological thriller plays with your mind, emotions and overall grip on what you thought you knew about doctors. Based on the true story of Linda Hazzard, the fasting diet is the cure to solve all disease… but that’s if you get to the end of your treatment. Through mental manipulation, and the isolation of the one thing you may feel you have control over, a disturbing presence is brought to the theatre.

Are you ready to uncover the ‘secret to perfect health’?

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The Blurb

Washington State, 1910. Doctor Linda Hazzard opens her sanatorium to the public. The public do not always survive... 'Fast' is a dark, psychological drama questioning how far you would go to find the perfect cure. The doors are open and the doctor will see you now... This production is part of Brighton Fringe's Arts Industry Showcase, WINDOW.