Fast Fringe

Fast Fringe is a comedy showcase of comedy and variety acts from all over the fringe with a simple but entertaining premise: each performer, all selected by comedy website Chortle, has only three minutes to show us what they can do and convince us to go to their show.

I can only heartily recommend Fast Fringe without hesitation.

On the night this reviewer stopped in we were treated to no less than twelve comedy acts, with a wide range of styles and skills, and established stand-up and fringe favourite Ed Gamble as our MC for the evening. Given the strict time limits imposed on the acts, it did seem a little odd how leisurely Gamble’s compere sets were, and his patter was a little stilted, with the chatter between him and the audience lasting a little too long and soliciting too few laughs. He is however a likable performer and as the show began proper he hit his stride and relaxed a little. I won’t name each and every act that Gamble introduced, it would be a pointless exercise as the line-up changes daily. Suffice say that the acts ranged from the more traditional stand-up from people like James Farmer and Jessica Fostekew, to stand-up poet Elvis McGonagall, to the hotel room cooking of George Egg, to the very different (and highly impressive) musical stylings of Jess Robinson and Gideon & Hubcap. There’s a handy screen that tells you who you’re watching so that you don’t lose track, and the performers you liked are sure to be outside with a flyer if you like what you see. Likewise, they have a stamp-card style flyer which you can fill and exchange for a free ticket to a show at the Dome, a nice little gimmick.

Seeing such a succession of acts has many positive elements: it’s a reminder of just how mad and varied the Fringe is, you see snippets of people you might otherwise never have heard of, and if the acts are a bit crap, they only have three minutes so it won’t last long. As a result, I can only heartily recommend Fast Fringe without hesitation.

Reviews by Laurie Kilmurry

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The Blurb

Twelve top comedy and variety acts perform ridiculously short sets in one furiously fast-paced showcase. There's a different line-up every day, selected by leading comedy website Chortle, so check for today's listings. Previous acts have included: Mark Watson, Pappy's, Brendon Burns, Simon Evans, Rubberbandits, Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Showstoppers, Tony Law ... and literally hundreds more. A hugely entertaining way to sample the best of the festival, all held together by the best comperes in the business. 'A brilliant concept ... for variety and value for money (it's) a no-brainer' **** (