Fallot (FÄ-'LŌ)
  • Adelaide Fringe

The heart is in control. Every moment signals generated by its rhythm determine our emotional experience. Do we notice? Circus artist Marianna Joslin was born with a rare heart condition, that went undiagnosed for six years. Cut open, sewn back together, transplanted and transformed. This is an ensemble exploration of our heart, through circus. Modern acrobatics with a life affirming beat. "These guys and girls are sure of themselves, doing things with their bodies most of us couldnt even dream of" - The Advetiser " Joslin exudes confidence and quirkiness, her show toes the line between madness and genius" - The Music "McGuffin and Carberry have unveiled & staged these insane and award-winning shows. Which also belong to the fantastic ensemble" - Berliner Morgenpost