Fag/Stag written and performed by Aussie duo Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs, explores what it means to have your best mate by your side when you’re stuck being your worst self. Narrating the same story from two perspectives, the show delves into the turbulent minds of two modern men. Jimmy and Corgan are best mates, and Tamara is getting married to Jack, a guy with a weak handshake. Jimmy was in love with her when they went out for a week in high school, before he found he was attracted to men. Corgan was in a relationship with her for four years, and is still in love. In the days building up to the big day, Jimmy and Corgan take us on a journey through Perth’s nightlife and deep into the psyche of their characters.

Two of the most genuine, captivating performances at the Edinburgh Fringe

Sat on two stools in symmetry, facing the audience with clever lighting transporting us to different settings and atmospheres, Fowler and Isaacs offer us a startlingly honest insight into masculinity and our relationship with vulnerability. Fowler offers a window for us to glimpse the emotional and mental struggles we go through post break-up, and shines a light on the politics of the Perth gay-scene. Where Isaacs beautifully articulates the coping mechanisms men use to fight their feelings of helplessness and disgust.

Using sharp, witty and pacy dialogue the audience are brought face to face with the challenges of friendship, homophobia, being one of the lads, feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing. Delivered with such quick-wit, and staggering candidness, Fowler and Isaacs’ collaborative storytelling is truly outstanding. The audience are totally immersed in the ups and downs of their friendship and journey towards self-love, crying and laughing in all the right moments. These two actors stand out side by side as two of the most genuine, captivating performances at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. 

Reviews by Isabella Javor

Theatre Royal Haymarket

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The Blurb

One story, two unreliable narrators. Heartfelt, funny and direct from multi award-winning seasons at Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe, Fag/Stag asks what it means to have your best mate when you’re stuck being your worst self. Written and performed by two of Australia's sharpest young writers Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs, Fag/Stag is a truthful and comic insight into the mind of the modern man. 'Dialogue is witty and sharp, the performances are excellent... a rare gem' ***** (TheatreGuide.com.au). 'Beautiful stuff' ****1/2 (Adelaide Advertiser). Winner: Best Theatre Adelaide Fringe 2016. Winner Best Performance Melbourne Fringe 2015.