Everything's Elsewhere

Sam and Bel, played by Josie Dale-Jones and Isabel Della-Porta, are best friends and move into their first flat together. It’s the biggest step in their lives so far as this sparky, cute duo re-enact their stint at co-habitation, we learn through some superb physical theatre vignettes that things didn’t really work out. They open with an impressive crowd pleaser of learning everyone’s names and reciting them back.

This forty-five minute show is refreshing, fun, witty and touching.

The young pair have done well to present an episode they know intimately that, no matter how commonplace the story, is superbly told through clever physical theatre and comic flashbacks.

It is every twenty year old’s right of passage to fall out with their flatmate and as their relationship deteriorates over issues such as cutlery in the wrong holder, empty milk cartons left in the fridge and being woken up in the morning, their friendship spirals into dangerous threats where they end up dance-slapping each other and dividing the living room with chalk.

By the end of this traumatic breakdown of their relationship we see Bel evolve as a person whereas Sam remains needy and alone. It is interesting to see how they cope with the change of dynamics between themselves and the portrayal of this as a subtheme is subtle and clever.

Everything’s Elsewhere is told with much hilarity and some superbly crafted physical movement. It is a well-rehearsed show and very slick, yet not so polished that it loses a sense of free-flowing naturalness. Dale-Jones and Della-Porta make an engaging pair bursting with talent and sweetness. This forty-five minute show is refreshing, fun, witty and touching.


The Blurb

Two young women share everything, but when expectations shatter, the line between fantasy and reality gets seriously blurry. Join them as they fight to stop a leak flooding their world. 'Eccentric, hilarious, buzzing' **** (FringeBiscuit.co.uk, Spaghetti Junction). www.thisegg.co.uk