Everybody Hates The Lounge Kittens

Not everybody hates The Lounge Kittens. In fact, they have a loyal following who have turned up this evening to see and support these three colourful haired, sparkly dressed chanteuses. The premise of the show is to have a look at some of the hilarious, creepy and downright rude social media comments and ‘trolls’ these ladies have received on their fun Andrews Sisters-style covers of heavy metal songs. Apparently everyone on the internet hates them.

It’s tongue in cheek, a little bit rude and it sparkles too.

Armed with a stage piano and slightly tacky sequined suits, the magic really happens when these ladies start to sing in gorgeous three-part harmony along with the piano - aptly described by one YouTube user as “three whiny bitches with a keyboard” - The Lounge Kittens are a force to be reckoned with. Between-song banter is a little stilted and they regularly talk over each other but there really is a spark when they are singing together. A little more onstage movement would be appreciated, but the jovial dance routine to Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’ is amusing enough. They are clearly very rehearsed at these songs and comfortable to play around with them and have fun.

Of course, someone somewhere is going to be offended by this, and heavy metal fans are typically tribal about their favourite songs and bands being ‘blasphemed’. There’s plenty, probably even too much, material for The Lounge Kittens to use in this show and maybe a projector screen and laser pen would’ve made the overwhelming amount of ‘trolling’ comments easier to follow. It’s funnier to note that they actually have the endorsement of many of the writers of these songs, and recently went on tour as a support band for glam rockers Steel Panther.

Everybody Hates The Lounge Kittens is a great show that’s relevant to modern life and and anyone who uses Facebook or has a smart-phone, but there lacks a conclusion. An original song would’ve been appreciated, and more talk about how to overcome these ‘internet trolls’. During the show, one Kitten mentions that they “didn’t ask for your opinion”, but surely videoing these covers and putting them on the internet is openly asking for anyone’s opinion? They read out the silly comments they’ve received, laugh at them and then move on. The message needs to be clearer and stronger. Feminism? Spending less time on the internet? Ignoring “stroppy internet people” and getting on with your life? What’s the moral to your story, Lounge Kittens?

There is a token Sean Paul Medley for those unfamiliar with the heavy metal style, but this show is much more suited to a fan of Slipknot, Limp Bizkit or Steel Panther who won’t get offended that these songs have been meddled with. It’s tongue in cheek, a little bit rude and it sparkles too. If you like ‘alt girls doing stuff’ and singing great songs in a fun way, this is the show for you.

Reviews by Laurie Black

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The Blurb

The Kittens' notorious alt-lounge cover songs pepper their sarcastic, self-deprecating and hilarious voyage through cyberspace. Armed with only a keyboard and their beguiling vocal harmonies, TLK's only aim is to make you snort-laugh till you puke. 'Three whiny bitches and a keyboard' (Mark Shetterley, YouTube). 'Better than w**king' (Francis Rossi, Status Quo).