Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision (Sarajevo)

In 2007, Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision exploded on the Edinburgh Fringe and has appeared practically every year since with a few tweaks. Even now, it’s still pulling in the audiences.

If you’re looking for bubblegum theatre to fill an hour you’ve got it with this show.

The annual cheese-fest is being held in Sarajevo and Edinburgh audiences are invited to support the final nine countries as they strive to win the contest. As we enter we are given the flag of the country we’re going to support, plus a plastic clapper and hooter in order to make as much racket as possible.

Waiting for the show to start it’s a wonder the companies above and below the +1 theatre in C venues don’t complain, such was the roar of noise coming from the joint. The show starts and we are introduced to the hosts. Clearly a send up of Eurovision, what follows is an hour of cheesy songs, cheesy dance moves and even cheesier costumes.

The cast perform the piece well and are obviously enjoying themselves with a show that skims over the best of Eurovision without the politics. If you’re looking for bubblegum theatre to fill an hour you’ve got it with this show. You can wave your phone about with wild abandon as you get to vote for the winner yourself. It’s loud, it bright, it pointless it’s Eurovision and this production deliver what it says on the tin!

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

A glorious celebration of all things Eurovision. Set in Sarajevo, which has won the rights to host this year's competition, each audience member will be assigned one of the ten competing countries as they enter the venue. With hilarious songs and dance routines, this is one competition you won't want to miss out on. Last year this production gained multiple five star reviews and returns to C venues for a second riotous year. 'It's impossible not to love this... All that is wonderfully wrong and gloriously right... even better than the real thing' (