Eric Davidson – Ukedoodledandy

In an intimate space in Space’s Triplex Studios, Eric Davidson awaits you with a ukelele and a book of poetry. Davidson has a lot to offer - charm and speedy lyrics, and a heavy dose of politics.

Davidson offers something lovingly light-hearted.

Davidson invests most of his time and lyrics into light-hearted political satire. He sings as a politician or institution from the first person perspective. His targets are all the big players; Trump, Nigel Farage, Isis, Theresa May, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, George Osborne. A highlight was his song about the Kate Middleton, mixed with Common People.

His other strand is poetry. It’s when Davidson is performing verse that he is most alive. He sells his poem themed around flatpacks and Brexit particularly well.

There’s something very campfire-sing-a-long about Davidson. However, I must confess, I did not personally get a lot of his references. Not every line that I understood landed either. I was assured by other audience members after the show that Davidson’s references to local places and events were enjoyable. Despite my own reservations, I am not one to argue with his audience, who were lapping up his every lyric.

Davidson offers something lovingly light-hearted. Nothing here will shock you or have you on the edge of your seat, but it will make you relax and smile, and you can’t say that for every politically-focused poet/ukelele player.

Reviews by Elliott Wengler

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The Blurb

Eric, along with his thin white uke, returns to the Fringe with more topical parody, poetry and mischief. You'll be howling with laughter... eventually. 'I've seen better looking faces on an Easter Island postcard!' (Polynesian Enquirer).