Employees of the Month: Glenn Moore and Friends

Employees of the month, hosted by the extremely likable Glenn Moore, presents Edinburgh’s hottest comedians. The guest acts perform sections of their Fringe shows, meaning that this is a fantastic chance to check out who the real talent is and a great way to discover Edinburgh’s rising stars.

Glenn Moore, former Runner-up in the 2011 Chortle Student Comedy Award and finalist in So You Think You're Funny 2012, is a charming, witty and extremely funny comedian, with great storytelling abilities. His natural comfort on stage puts the audience at ease and we can all relate to his stories about life in the real world (we’ve all felt the shock of our clothes not being magically cleaned by mummy anymore). With a posh middle-class accent, Moore immediately makes the audience laugh by claiming that he can’t get away with using words like ‘Milf’. He is more apt to ‘talking in continuous Austen quotes’ and this self-deprecating humour, along with his modest demeanour, means that the audience warms to him instantly. With some clever one-liners, he ensures that we were chuckling throughout the show.

Glenn Moore was joined by Comedians Jonny Pelham and Matt Winning. Jonny Pelham proved to be absolutely hilarious and certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously. He opens with the fact that he has ‘3 to 5 nipples, depending on what you class as a nipple’. Although a little tentative at first, Pelham soon commanded the crowd – the fact that he claims to have been diagnosed as ‘clinically ugly’ by the NHS, had us laughing despite ourselves. Winning, although a little put off by people in the crowd who had seen him before, put in a very entertaining performance. His jokes were witty and well thought out; a promising comedian although perhaps lacking in confidence.

This free show had the audience in fits of laughter. Moore, Pelham and Winning were a pleasure to watch and I’ll certainly be looking up their individual shows. Employees of the Month is definitely worth going to see – perhaps you’ll uncover the next big name.

Reviews by Emily Edwards


The Blurb

So You Think You’re Funny? 2012 finalist and Chortle Student Comedian 2011 runner-up Glenn presents an hour of jokes, joined by the Fringe’s rising stars. ‘Clever little one-liners’ (Chortle.co.uk). ‘Brilliant’ (Josie Long).