Ellie Taylor’s bold and vibrant style of stand up comedy makes her a pleasure to watch. She has a great ability to connect with her audience, made stronger by the intimate space; Taylor welcomes her audience in and settles them down for a corker of a set.

Her material is a down to earth tale of her recent successes and failures. She covers everything from her family holiday to Norfolk to her lady-arden’s resemblance to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. She has a sharpness about her that underlies the routine, cutting back to prior jokes and responding to her audience swiftly and seamlessly. This makes her set snappy, relatable and downright funny.

I did feel like I had heard some of the gags from other comedians; her gag about thick yellow urine being left unflushed in the toilet of a night time, for instance, has very familiar. However Taylor’s approach and delivery takes a new, warm and charming angle that has the audience hanging on every word. The free fringe can be a gamble to say the least. Place your bets on Ellie Taylor and you won’t lose out.

Reviews by Joe Talbot


The Blurb

The toothy girl off Snog Marry Avoid? (BBC3) and Fake Reaction (ITV2) presents a 30-minute free show that will almost certainly involve irony-free usage of the word amazeballs. ‘Charismatic, personable and bright’ (Chortle.co.uk).