Ellie Taylor: Infidelliety

People will recognise Ellie Taylor from the popular BBC3 show, Snog, Marry, Avoid, where she conducted make-unders on OTT members of the British public. But Ellie isn’t merely a philanthropic fairy godmother to the needy, she’s actually an accomplished standup. Her show, Infidellieity, isn’t the easiest of topics to approach but this Basildon girl does it with such eloquent conviction, she even makes it sound condonable.

This is one beautiful lady who isn’t afraid to get ugly.

Ellie flits between the issues of contraception, bikini waxes, smear tests and immigration with flare. It was impressive to watch someone discuss female-centric topics without alienating a male audience. She does this by using references that everyone can recognise, such as referring to her Aussie husband as an immigrant and using him as bait. Moving on to her primary theme of infidelity (Ellie despairs at only having slept with six people) she manages to objectify men with such skill as to not make it demeaning. Comparing Weetabix to sex and then later manhandling a member of the audience were just two ways that this woman effortlessly dissolved male-female stereotypes.

What became slightly frustrating about Ellie’s material was being able to get the punchline or the callback before she had finished the joke. Perhaps a little more craft when constructing the story would make the jokes even more compelling. It was also slightly unnecessary for Ellie to reintroduce herself in “showbiz style” from behind the black stage curtain for an easy applause, as she looked to have The Tron audience on board from the start. Her last story, which introduced the idea of orgies, had a somewhat lacklustre ending and a part of me was crying out for a better final gambit after what was an hour of astute observations from everyday life.

Nevertheless Ellie’s relaxed, engaging stage presence leaves for an hour of entertainment that both men and women can thoroughly enjoy. This is one beautiful lady who isn’t afraid to get ugly.

Reviews by Sophia Charalambous

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Star of Mock the Week, The John Bishop Show and Snog Marry Avoid gets to grips with that pesky bit of marriage known as monogamy. 'Radiates natural charisma... blessed with great flair' (Guardian). 'Frequently hilarious' (Metro). 'Smart, self mocking and telegenic – it's hard to see what's going to get in Taylor's way' (Scotsman).