There’s weird science going on in the Octagon at Gluttony; three scientists are attempting to create elixirs that will improve on humanity and perhaps even grant superpowers. Willing to test experimental drugs on themselves (and mostly each other), it can only lead to a bad end scientifically but a fantastic and fun hour for the audience.

More than a little bit sexy.

Elixir has been growing as a show for several years and Head First Acrobats have really nailed it this Fringe. The opening sequence featuring an acrobatic zombie is suitably creepy leading quickly into laughs before we get into the main plot of comedy circus antics. Each elixir ingested gives the scientists superhuman abilities so we get to see a brilliant ladder balancing routine from Cal Harris, a spectacular trapeze balance from Thomas Gorham and one of the best cyr wheel acts I’ve ever seen from Rowan Thomas who steals the show with his comic shenanigans and off the cuff banter with the audience.

This is a very funny show and the cast as a whole have great comedic timing. We get a great deal of lovely slapstick, well-played sideways glances, and gentle (and not so gentle) ribbing amongst the cast. It’s also more than a little bit sexy with the cast unafraid to show off their supposedly elixir-acquired athletic bods. It’s worth noting that this might not be so suitable for the younger kids due to some pretty liberal swearing but the strong language is perfectly in keeping with the feel of the show and is always used for comedic effect. Elixir is an hour of thoroughly entertaining circus and clowning slapstick with a lot of heart and quite a few abs.

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The Blurb

Elixir is circus with a difference! Uninhibited by cliche or expectation, subversive and hilarious, the story follows three enthusiastic and acrobatic scientists who attempt to create the elixir of life.Elixir returns to Adelaide after being re-directed and re-created for a spiegeltent audience by award winning UK director John Walton. The boys are back with their blend of breathtaking acrobatics, hilarious antics and sweaty muscles.Remember to breathe, this is brinkmanship at it's best. You'll feel the heat, see the sweat and won't believe your eyes.Leave your man at home and come experience Elixir.