Edy Hurst: Bonfire of Dreams
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Award winning comedian Edy Hurst is bringing his guitar, a loop pedal and all his hopes and aspirations to burn in a great big bonfire.

Have you ever had a dream?

Just chuck it in the fire and come to the most uplifting show about crushing all your dreams you'll ever see. After following his dream last year of creating the world's greatest theme park (within the context of a stand up show) Edy is taking the next logical step of ditching all ambition with an incredibly ambitious prop heavy work that combines musical comedy and is definitely not at all in the slightest an autobiographical metaphor about the strain that personal pressure and success has on mental health.

So don't worry.

There's also a puppet, because if the guitar wasn't enough to distract him from writing jokes, that will definitely be.

Edy Hurst (as heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra) is winner of Tickled Pig, Finalist in Great Yorkshire Fringe New Act of the Year 2017, Finalist in the Bury New Act of the 2016, Nominated for BBC New Comedy Award 2017 and quite nice when you get to know him.