Edinburgh Tonight With Joe Simmons

This was the grand opening of a new show which will happen regularly through this year’s Fringe, hosted by Joe Simmons at Symposium Hall. And a very plush and comfortable venue it is, too!Tonight Joe introduced a string of very high quality performers from many aspects of the Fringe. The first on was Storm Large. She has been making a big stir already this year, and she sang her stunning song, 'My Vagina is Eight Miles Wide'. Sung with great force and clarity! Expect words like 'vagantic' and 'vagnormous' to enter currency.The comedian Tom Wrigglesworth had a hard act to follow – and was a bit tall for the mike – but he followed on manfully, and entertained in words and song. We also met Mat Ricardo, who claimed to be the only remaining example of a Gentleman Juggler, a type more common a century ago. His actions defied the eye to follow.The Wau Wau Sisters, a trapeze cabaret act, were deeply memorable. I shall long recall one of the sisters performing whilst raised high on the feet of her sister. We saw a clip of these Sisters teaching Joe some advanced trapeze skill. Brave man.Kate Copstick, the well known Scotsman critic, also appeared and warmly endorsed the proceedings. Stunning shoes, Kate! She spoke of how inappropriate it was for critics to want to do their job principally to be able to say clever or witty things. Very true – though perhaps a little ironic in the circumstances.Baby Wants Candy were, of course, terrific. This act take ideas from the audience, and proceeds to develop a musical from them immediately. Tonight an audience member suggested, 'Dolphins, Overlords of the Universe.' Baby Wants Candy dived in and took to the idea like, well, mammals to water. They’ve been doing this for years, and are amazingly skilful. The comic Jo Caulfield appeared, as did Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow. Fantastic dancers, who promised to get Joe doing flamenco later in the week. He looked a little anxious.These are just some of the artistes who will be appearing in the series, which will be ably guided by Joe, whose infectious warmth and enthusiasm should ensure that each evening is a delight.The next show will be at 5.15pm on Wednesday 11th. Each night Kate Copstick’s reviews and a ten minute 'best of the show' will be up on the net that evening after the performance. Clips and previews can be seen on www.edinburghtonight.netComing in the series will be Ruth Padel, poet and great great granddaughter of Charles Darwin, Lorraine Chase and Susie Dent from Countdown on Sunday and hip hop providers Abandoman. And many more.This was an evening of entertainment. Most of the acts had prizes to give out. For me, I felt it was the time that the Fringe really took off and I was transported into a world of high skill and deep enjoyment. Go for it Joe – I think you’re onto a winner here. Check this out, folks, and add significantly to your Fringe experience.

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