Ed Night: Anthem for Doomed Youth

Anthem for Doomed Youth is the hilarious new debut hour from Ed Night. The unassuming figure of Night hides an intimidatingly sharp comedic mind, who’s not afraid to do low-brow humour in an intelligent way.

A thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking show

Night’s material often feels like the standard stand-up repertoire – he begins with tales of singledom and the struggles of dating, but doesn’t fall into any the trap of telling predictable jokes. His script is blisteringly quick fire and jam-packed with jokes, fearlessly filthy but intelligent and his persona is relaxed but engaging.

A natural on stage, it’s hard to believe the comedian is only 21, especially with his political insight which manages to never feel preachy. While this political material perhaps doesn’t contain particularly new observations to his generation, his fantastic delivery and angry logic could turn even the most anti-millennial baby boomer, while leaving space for nuance. Unlike some political comics, he doesn’t leave sections joke-less for too long and there aren’t any uncomfortable silences.

There is one bizarre moment where he begins to lose the audience by ill-advisedly bringing up Charlie Gard, but gets them back on side almost immediately. Indeed, in some darker or more controversial sections he does an excellent job of making the audience feel like they are allowed to laugh without explicitly saying so.

It’s clear that Night enjoys making the audience question themselves and feel a little uncomfortable. He toes the line between intellectual and accessible perfectly, giving his unique opinions on relatable subjects – a stand-out moment is his material on reality TV. The whole show is pleasingly self-aware and manages to avoid the holier-than-thou attitude these shows can generate. The set has brilliant pacing and momentum and is over far too soon.

Night is wise beyond his years, which, combined with his brash, youthful humour results in a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking show. 

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The Blurb

'An amazing assurance and confidence in his delivery... I can't wait to see his debut hour' (Scotsman). Well this is his debut hour, just so you know. Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year nominee 2017. 'Ingenious visual gags... there's no questioning his crafty intelligence' (Chortle.co.uk). 'Clearly one to watch' (BeyondTheJoke.co.uk).