Ed Byrne – Roaring Forties

Ed Byrne, familiar to audiences from Mock The Week, débuts his newest routine Roaring Forties here at the Fringe. The whole show centres around discovering and embracing his forties. He's married with two young children and is having to deal with the inevitable health issues that begin to pop up with age. He discusses all of these things frankly, honestly, and of course, humourously.

Byrne welcomes us into his world, bantering with the audience, most of whom can relate to his situation - which may be the only downfall for the younger attendees. This is most definitely a conversation about a certain time in one’s life, so if that isn't the stage you're currently in it may not be as appealing. One of the best choices he made was asking the audience where they were from so that those unfamiliar with current events weren't left in the dark.

In terms of the audience, I warn you, they're a raucous, drunken bunch.

Regardless of age, Byrne is amusing and sincere. His observational humour and casual delivery are wonderful, but due to the content of this show, not necessarily universal. This is simply a slice of Ed's life and by the end you feel like you've been listening to a friend, albeit a damn funny one, for an hour.


The Blurb

A self confessed 'miserable old git' since his early twenties, Ed, now in his Forties, has come of age! I am in my Forties. Hear Me Roar! 'Comedy’s holy grail... Go see!' Sunday Times