Eat a Queer Foetus 4 Jesus

Despite its outrageous name, Richard Coughlan's romp of a show proved that though the popularity of gentler, more modern comedians continues, the gag-filled anecdotal performer can still prove hilarious.

Don't go along expecting uncontroversial material. Although the show's title didn't really have much to do with the comedy itself, it still set the mood for what was to follow. Gags about immigration and religion featured heavily. Fortunately, although they were close to the bone, they never crossed the line into crassness. This was mainly because Coughlan's targets were generally thoughtful and incisive, even if the gags themselves were infused with swearing.

Similarly, the show's style was energetic and punchy, meaning that even if a joke didn't raise a laugh, Coughlan moved on so quickly that one hardly had a chance to notice. His quickfire routine lambasting the English Defense League was particularly amusing, and the use of images provided the audience with a break from the barrage of regular jokes.

Towards the end of his hour, a few of the gags didn't hit the spot, especially a couple of ill-advised comments on abortion. Still, this was a thoroughly engaging hour of old school comedy and - as long as you're not easily offended - you should go along if you get the chance.

Reviews by Andrea Valentino


The Blurb

Richard Coughlan is angry, incredulous, filthy, dark, graphic and certainly not suitable for the easily offended, young, old, faint of heart or any mammalian biped. **** ( ‘Hilarous and poignant’ (